Saturday, October 29, 2016

8 weeks recovery

Yep, 8 weeks have gone by already. The time has gone fast, much faster than expected or anticipated. That's probably because I've stayed busy with my workshop renovation and work. And ignoring my garden and lawn and other outside responsibilities. 

I've been cooking just enough to stay fat. I have not bought a bunch of freezer meals or only eaten sandwiches or soup or cereal. I keep up on dishes and laundry, but I've really been absorbed with the woodshop. 

Not a bad thing, probably. Keeps me out of trouble and out of the bar. I've done a few little projects, maybe you noticed the floating shelf that I posted a pic of on the FB page. That one started life as a siding board on the barn on the farm where I lived a year or so. Then the barn fell down, I saved some boards and built an entertainment center. Then I took it apart and moved to MN, where I built another entertainment center with it. Then I moved and I used the board as a shelf on my workbench for a lot of years. I'm pretty happy with how the shelf turned out. It is 20" long, 6" wide, and 3.5" thick.

I used Flood's Dekswood to clean the board, and Deft lacquer to finish. I used 6d cc box nails to assemble it. I suppose I should add a finished pic. 

So....recovery. Direct pressure on the toes causes discomfort. Still have dizzy spells. Turns out a side effect of the medication they scribed for me in WI has dizzy as a side effect....along with a lot of other fun things. For example: constipation and diarrhea. Copy paste is my friend: 
Less serious side effects may include:
  • headache, dizziness;
  • upset stomach, loss of appetite;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • diarrhea, constipation;
  • cold symptoms such as stuffy nose, sneezing, sinus pain, sore throat;
  • back pain;
  • tired feeling;
  • mild skin rash

I plan to see the quack about a few things, should be fun.

Memory? Uh, I don't remember how it was before. I think I told you about this before, I have a weird memory.....always have. I'll remember some stuff forever, and other stuff I'm lucky it hangs around 40 seconds. I'm certain there's lots of examples, but I don't remember. Or maybe that's normal, to remember the things that are important and forget what is not interesting.  It sure is frustrating at times. 

I see on FB that a guy that I might have gone to school with was in a motorcycle crash and lost part of his leg, they're having a benefit for him in about 5 weeks. I might go, if I can conjure up a memory of the guy.  I think I heard that a classmate also crashed his, and lost part of his leg. Yup, I was lucky. 

It's a very enjoyable mode of recreation and transportation. It's also irritating, expensive and frustrating. I've met some really wonderful people due to the motorcycle experience.  It's impossible to imagine my life without those people and also what my life would be like now, w/o having the motorcycle experience.  I'm not going to start listing names, because I'd forget to list only those that read this and they'd be offended. Well, probably not, since they are reasonable rational adults that don't get offended by stupid stuff or (most) memory lapses. 

What else? I think I'm going to hold off buying a replacement pickup until spring, unless something wonderful comes along. I think I'll just park the old one at the garden and hope for the best. I need to clean my gutters, but the locust tree on one side and the elm on the other have all their leaves on yet. I've got a big box of books to donate. I've got a large stack of books I need to list for sale. I need to visit the grocery store, but I got a hose reel on clearance at fleet farm. I need to organize my garage so I can store the yamaha...but where to put all of that wood? Holy hell. A guy had a bunch of wood in a garage, but had to move, so I took a bunch of it, lots of plywood and particle board/melamine. Hopefully I can use a lot of it on my miter saw station.

As always, thanks for reading my bloggy posts. I enjoy comments.....
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