Sunday, October 23, 2016

7 weeks recovery

Nothing new to report for recovery, but you can bet that I'll type a while anyway, and maybe find a pic or 2 to post.

I've gone days in a row (how many? I don't know, didn't keep track. at least 3) with no advil. And then I take it because my neck is giving me a headache. I still have dizzy spells when I tilt my head left and look up. For example, imagine one of those trendy canister lights that are put into finished basements. Think about how you'd go about looking into the damn thing to hook up the tiny springs that keeps the trim ring snug to the times.

Ribs give me no trouble. Toes are the same, or maybe a little better. Road rash areas are the is a little thicker, and when there's direct pressure on those areas, it's uncomfortable still. Mostly the left index knuckle and the right wrist.

I spent some time tonight, between 2 and 3 hours working in my basement...I've been rearranging the thing, and the current project is the workbench and tool board behind the bench on the wall. The board measures almost 4' by about 3'.....which didn't seem big enough. And maybe it's not, I'm not sure yet. But....I've got my hammers hung, my pliers hung up, measuring and marking tools like the compass and rulers. I've made a hanger for my medium clamps and moved the smalls ones over to the new location. I have built a hanger for drills and jigsaw and biscuit cutter. The dremel thing will hang from a nail. 

I made a little shelf for spray lube and integrated storage for power screw driver things and pencil sharpeners. pry bars are hung, too. The problem I have are how to deal with the cords on often used items, like the dremel and glue gun....a hanger for them is easy enough, but often the cords don't cooperate.

What's next? Tool board will slow down now, I think and I'll start on either the miter saw station or table saw. Both are getting a total remake....

Made another shelf, repurposed a soap mold, made a drill bit block, which also holds the nail sets, and have no rib pain, no foot pain, not much shoulder pain ec. 

I'm still thankful that my injuries allowed me to come home and take care of myself. I'm thankful that I'm not more retarded than I have always been, thankful that I'm not more ugly than ever, and thankful to not be in pain. Also, glad to be alive. 

I suppose I should have saved that paragraph for next month. But I'm not that trendy. 

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