Sunday, October 16, 2016

6 weeks recovery

But who's counting, right? 6 weeks ago today I got up, had a shower bent over in the tub (because the shower head was so low), packed up, and went next door to the combination McDonald's/gas station for breakfast. Lancaster, WI. Pretty crappy motel, actually. They had ice buckets, but no ice. The a/c made many attempts to start before running, was quite loud. But it wasn't too expensive, and was a place to sleep.

Recovery seems pretty much complete, except for a few minor details. Dizzy spells are fewer and less, as well as not as common or often, quite occasional, actually. Pretty much the only thing that triggers one is bending way over to the left and turning the head. For example...I had one while standing on a bucket, leaning over a workbench screwing a shelf bracket to the wall. (Fun getting off the bucket when the room is whirling like a tornado.) Another was when I was leaned over a bench (different bench) head turned so I could see to unscrew a shelf bracket. I was not on a bucket....much lower bench. And one other occurrence was when I was sitting on the floor, lying under a bench on my left side, with my head turned so I could nail on a staple to hold the power wire for my shelf bracket.  (not really, but I was trying to be consistent.) Lying or bending to the right does not cause dizzy, BTW.

Actually, the wire powers one of my more brilliant my opinion. In an electrical box, I've got a switch and a receptacle. The switch powers one half of the "plug in" as well as a 6 foot cord that leaves the box. (the other half is powered as normal) I did that so I can plug in my soldering iron and be able to turn it on/off quickly easily and often. Or I can plug in my router, and flip it on and off with that switch. Or other motor driven things.  It's a 20 amp switch and receptacle so don't worry about that. I've had that set up for quite a few years, actually. Why mention it? I'm trying to impress you people, of course.  No, actually, I cut my bench down in size 2 ways, spun it around so it's on a different wall. It's part of my attempt to improve my woodshop. 

My ankle road rash has healed. My hand road rash looks good, too. Elbow as well. But I notice on my wrist and left hand when there is significant pressure applied there's some pain/discomfort. Like maybe the bone was bruised on the wrist? I don't know, it doesn't bother me much, doesn't slow me down.  My toes don't bother me at all, like mentioned earlier in a bloggy episode. The toe nails still are purple/black, and not from dirt or lint.

The fingernail I squished last week is looking fb post was premature, I think. It is still a little tender, if I grab something too strongly, I feel it. I just feel it when I use the shift key. Fun times. 

I guess I still have a little discomfort when I sneeze, which is fairly often due to all of the dust I'm stirring up downstairs. But otherwise, rib pain is nonexistent. I don't notice anything in any position. 

My Yamaha has been parked at the bottom of my driveway for weeks, with a for sale sign on it. I started it either 3 or 4 weeks ago, let it run a few minutes. It must have been 4 weeks ago, because I was feeling quite puny. Well, today, I thought since it was quite warm, I should give the bike a little attention, let it run a bit, charge up the battery a little. And so I did, except I forgot to do it until after dark, which is no problem.  It was still rather warm.  And it didn't start right up, but pretty quickly, all things considered. Battery is OK.  So there I am, sitting on the bike, it's rumbling I put up the kickstand, and ride around the block. And another block. And then down the street and around a different block. LOL Probably a whole mile....maybe I'll look at the forecast and ride to work. 6 weeks, recovery must be complete......

Stay tuned...
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