Thursday, October 13, 2016

shop organization and a little recovery 10 13 16

It's amazing what I find in my's like an archeological site. I found a pair of sunglasses that have needed a tiny nut for years. I found a whistle. I have found so much stuff that I don't know why I kept....other than I was sure I was going to use it someday. 

For example....I have a velveeta box that is half full of twist ties for plastic sacks. They're great for tying wires up, etc. But staples also work, and better. I plan to throw the box away when I've got the shop all put together.  Keep them just in case, for now. 

Used band saw blades. It's a tiny bandsaw, blades cost less than 10 bucks. I may try to sharpen one, though, just for fun.  Broken drill bits. Bent nails. I've just used a bunch of pallet nails, "repurposed" if I'm going to be trendy....except "repurposed" isn't the right word, because they're still being used to hold wood together.  I also use them to hang up stuff, like a roll of masking tape or a small clamp.

I've got a stack of old dull circle saw blades, table saw blades, and miter saw blades. I've seen different things made from those, like a draw knife, which I do want to do. 

I found a copper wall tile, actually, I don't know if it's copper, but I know it came from the wall (backsplash) of my kitchen. I only kept one of them, to remember how awful it was. I also found the can of paint I used on the walls...the paint is totally dry and the can totally rusty. 

I used to work at a paint store, and I knew very little about paint when I started there. That paint store does not have a warranty on the paint, like a lot of others do, and of course, that warranty is a marketing ploy. I know this, because when we bought this house and moved in, we painted the upstairs with some Diamond Vogel paint and some Pittsburg paint. We means I, btw. 22 years later, it still looks great, except for the dust and cobwebs.  The kitchen got painted maybe 11 years ago, and looks great, except for some of the trim and cobwebs, etc. The living room didn't get painted, and just has some flat white. It still looks fine....and will probably get painted this winter, maybe. 

Raise your hand if you want to help. Painting party....I have booze and can order pizza.

 I've since filled the small cavity to the right of the paint with tubes of caulk.
This is that set of waterbed drawers, upside down on the table getting legs, a shelf and wheels. It works great.  The entire basement floor is that green colour. I don't know why....but 22 + years it's holding up quite well.

Recovery....I figured out when that pain went had to be the day that George put his head down and purred on me. Today I didn't take any advil till late in the afternoon. A bunch of discomforts turned into a synergy that was really bothering me, so I took 2.  Everything else is going good. My left hand rash is odd, if something touches it, then the skin hurts? A significant amount of pressure on it does not cause discomfort.

Yesterday, when taking the sheet of plywood out of the pickup for the bottom shelf and top of that drawer stack, I slammed my finger in between the plywood and garage. Since it bled right away from the side of the nail, I assumed that it'd turn black and die. But there's just a tiny discoloration in the middle and just a tiny bit of discomfort today. Thank goodness for that....
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