Tuesday, October 11, 2016

recovery 10 11 16

Recovery.  Hmmmmm. That pain I had? it went away. I am not sure when....I just kind of forgot about it.

BTW, only 1 set of advil today, due to neck induced headache. 

Short recap. Shoulder was scraped and hurt a bit. It's better. Hip hurt like crazy initially, but is better. Ankle "rash" is better. Toe....still a tiny bit of discomfort when I move it by itself. Not really pain.....and I don't notice it at all when I stand, walk, sit, stairs, stand on a bucket, sit on toilet, sleep, or anything else. Hand "rash" is all closed up, and looking pretty good. Elbow "rash" same. 

Head? Not totally sure....I cleaned a window in my bus, which required me to lean over sideways, and I was REALLY dizzy after.  

I'll find out if it's BP tomorrow, when I donate blood.  And then no heavy lifting. LOL Right.  I've got stuff to do. 

I'm able to suck 3000 ml on the suckometer. Spirometer? Whatever it is.  I'm probably the only guy in America to continue to occasionally use the damn thing 5 weeks post crash.

Splinter! Easy to remove, though.
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