Sunday, October 09, 2016

10 8 16 recovery

2 naps today, friends. Yes, I feel a little bit bad for not being out enjoying the beautiful day. Oh well. And it started off pretty bad, too. My coffee cup slid off my car and of course, all of my coffee spilled. You can bet that I stopped by KT before I picked up my group for more.

Something I noticed in the hospital and didn't expect to continue, but was worse at home...was the mid back ache at the bathroom sink. Why is that sink so damn low? It's low enough that I could pee in it, if I had to.....

The hospital sink wasn't so low, and I noticed the discomfort when I was brushing and the day I shaved, which was the day I left. BTW, in case you care, and I'm sure you don't....I usually shave every other day. I'm lucky that my job doesn't care how I look, really. 

That discomfort was so bad that I very nearly moved shaving and brushing and even washing to the kitchen. Jim would have supported that, as it would have added about 20 steps each time. LOL 

That first week, I'd turn on the water, (Moen single handle, pull on, push off) and wash one hand at a time, or I guess get each hand wet at a time and then wash above the sink so I didn't have to bend over so much. Funny what comes back as memories.

When this is all over, I might replumb the sink, build a new lavatory, install a new sink and faucet. Or not.

Wednesday was the last day for gabapentin. Yesterday I took 2 pair of advil, 12 hours apart. Today so far I've been up 13 hours and have taken 1 set advil.

Let me tell you what is I got home from work, and btw, on the way home I stopped to snoop in a dumpster, a tall one, and it did hurt to climb onto it. So when I got home, the cat jumped on (doesn't feel nice) laid on my chest and started purring. When he laid his head down on my chest, his throat was right over my front fractures....and friends....that was nice. You should try it....minus the fractures.

I was going to try to describe the nice picture thingys that have a good caption, like that last pic thingy. But then I figgered I should ask uncle google for one instead. 

It'll be interesting to see just how long my shop takes to get all done. I keep finding more and more stuff to do. Latest is renovating a wall in my wood storage/project finishing area. I took the paneling off years ago to add an exhaust fan, which never got hooked up. Now I'm adding shelves between the studs to put soap making crap on, wood storage, aerosol can storage. I redid the light switch.  Funny, how the stud spacing is not consistent. It's a short wall, about 8', and all are a different spacing. Good thing I measured each before cutting the shelves. :) 

I've got some waterbed base drawer units stacked as wood storage. I plan to fasten them together, add legs with wheels and a low shelf. And add a nice top, I'll use that for my finishing table. I'll use the drawers for small scrap and exotic wood storage. Hopefully getting them off the floor will encourage me to use them more often.  Coming up with this idea is exciting, because it's the next step, really. I need to get those out of where they are, and it's a good transformation. Solves a couple problems...finishing table, and wood storage (logs). And it opens up a large area in the main shop. I plan to fill that with either the table saw or the miter saw.

Multi day effort here. Nothing new to report, other than increased ROM and less swelling of toes. And as of 12:30, I've had no pain meds. That may change, not sure....see how a nap helps.

Used some really junky wood like material to shelve up a small area in that wall next to the switch for spray cans and caulk. Good use of stuff and space, I think. Do let me know if you want to see pics of what I'm's not spectacular and probably kinda boring to everyone but me. 
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