Friday, October 07, 2016

Old post updates

Constant readers, do you ever want an update to an old post? Remember when? Etc?

I still use a spoon to slice my bananas for cereal, a butter knife for sandwiches and whatever knife is handy for that flaming banana dessert/ice cream topping. 

Bonus, you get to see peaches too. Did I tell you about the time I set some towels on fire when making it? That was fun.  BTW I use a paring knife to cut peaches.

Skip this next section if you're a prude or easily offended. Shut off your puter and go to the tv, watch some episodes of Romper Room, Captain Kangaroo or Mr Rogers.

Talk about a view from my office. Notice that she does not have fancy embroidered ass pants.....she needed no added decoration or distractions.  With the invention/popularity surge of yoga pants, I see fewer denim jeans...but of course, some have decorations. Let's discuss that  a little. Some is fake jewels. Looks nice, but would feel terrible, if a guy was so lucky to be able to fondle...I can't really imagine how it'd feel to sit on that all sitting on little rocks, I suppose. Weird.  

Some is fancy embroidery, which is nice. We should discuss the every popular brand/style that has a lovely M on each pocket.  I see lots of them, and admire them. I generally spend several minutes imagining what the M might stand for. I'll list a few things that have come to mind: Mine Mick's masochist manipulator masturbator menstruation marvelous...well, you get the picture. Double M's get pretty bad....

That wagon was kind of a waste of money. Oh, sure. It was nice for hauling the luggage and crap around on our trip. But we only used one other time. I did plan to remove the box and build a bicycle rack on it, so I can haul the trailer with the motorcycle, so we can (we. HA) enjoy 2 hobbies in one day. WE. well, maybe someday. 

Of course, I'll have to get a motorcycle with a hitch again, first, since I sold the hitch off of the roadstar...but the wagon held up well. One thing I'd change, if I could, is the height of the thing, because the hitch is too low, which angles the tail lights up goofy.

I shaved in March of 15, I really only grew the beard that winter. I used a dollar store razor....after using the beard trimmer thing to buzz it mostly off. Wahl, I recommend it. Try the razors, you may like them. I will use them 10 or more times, even though the shave does begin to suffer....Dollar Shave Club. Bite me. LOL

 Did you notice that I didn't blur license plate? I'm so brave. LOL My old pickup, the subject of a few posts, including some autumn maintenance very sick. Still usable, thankfully. The transmission leaks, the clutch slips grabs and jumps, the differential makes horrible noises, there's a broken leaf spring, and terrible frame and bumper rust. I'm a little afraid to pull my trailer very far, actually. Reminder: I've had this since April 99, and I've put about 60,000 miles on it. I'm tempted to start selling parts off of it.....since I can't sell it outright, except for scrap. Need any parts??

List of songs. Depends on the day....

Friend crashed his bike: He is doing very well. He's been to school and is becoming a prosthesis making dude.

The heater works, the light works, I eat PBJ most days for breakfast.

Regional review. Didn't go this year, crashed less than a week prior. But the old location in McGregor does not exist any more. Also did not go to the Davis Rally.

To be honest, I'm afraid to reread those old posts....I'd probably delete them....saying: what the hell was I thinking when I typed that. 

Thanks for reading along with me. 

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