Wednesday, October 05, 2016

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I stopped using a pillow as a bolster under my knees when sleeping, Saturday night was the first time with out it since I've been home. Woke up early with back aches on Sunday. Also Monday, and my low back was so stiff it was hard to walk....couldn't walk normally, would have been funny to watch me waddle more than normal across the lot. Today wasn't as bad. 

I know what you are thinking...."if sleep is better with it, why remove it?" Good question. Immediate answer is that it's not practical, as it's a King sized pillow, and I can't get them in most hotels, and that's really where I need them. A hard bed is not good sleeping for me. 

Top pic is a month ago tomorrow, 9/7. Middle pic is when I tore open the scar while at work. Bottom pic is kind of interesting, how the scar changes colour when I work hard. (In the bottom pic, I'd been working and the scar is much more purple than normal)

So I was twisting to do something and then enjoyed some pain in my back. In the affected rib area, so I thought I'd be trendy and take some pain meds. Great idea. :) Got a lot done...and have not suffered for it. Yet. I'm sure my next trip to the bathroom......

It's a challenge to type with the cat on the arm, and he keeps moving around. Also purring, so that's nice.  

Workshop is coming along, sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. LOL
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