Monday, October 03, 2016

10 3 16 recovery + recap

I don't have much recovery to write about lately, seems like every day is a little better, but nothing much stands out....other than yesterday I only took the gabapentin and advil when I got up and another set of advil shortly before bed. AND I sleep pretty much thru the night again.

Recap: Sept 9, near Madison, I crashed my motorcycle, and flew in a helicopter to UW Madison, where I spent 5 fun filled and action packed days, coming home on Thursday, Sept 8. The crash fractured ribs 3-9 in back, an inch or so from my spine, (I'm guessing) and also 3-7 in front, kind of in line with my right nipple. Also fractured were 2 toe bones, in the main part of the foot, (tarsals?). I hit my head hard enough to cause a slight concussion, brain bleed, too. I also have enjoyed "road rash" on both hands, my right elbow, and both ankles.

Fun times, but I don't recommend it. I do recommend anyone that rides a motorcycle to wear a helmet....without mine, I suspect I'd still be in the hospital, probably drooling.  My helmet was a Vega Summit II, about 6 years old.  Not an expensive helmet at all....but really worked well.

I wear size XXL, in case anyone wants an idea for Christmas. :) The visor was intact before the crash, as was that foamy thing that is hanging down. NONE of those scratches were present before 9/4.....I'd have ground off my chin, ear, nose, glasses (probably embedded them into my eye sockets) ground off the rest of my hair too.....since there's scuffs on the back and one on the other side. I guess the hat preserved what looks I have.

That white tape stuff....I added that a long time ago, to add some visibility to my head while riding at night. They call it retrosomethingreflectiveorother. MSF passes it out at the class, and at the motorcycle expo. 

Improvements. Hmmmmmm. Yesterday I only took the pain pill when I got up and right before I went to bed I took another set of advil. Today kinda the same thing, but the advil was about 3. Seems as if working makes me achey. 

I bought a new pair of slippers, and tried on the new one on my affected foot....and it went on, with a minimum of discomfort. The insole of the old pair is pretty bad.....but....they are a few years old.

Dad wanted to see the bike, maybe he's already seen one of these pics. I've got a bunch of crashed bike pics, in a damn pdf....I don't know if I can put them on here.

Shows the majority of the damage. Broken engine, mirror, etc. None of the pics are of a good angle...all are goofy. Oh well......
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