Friday, September 30, 2016

9 30 16 recovery and giveaway

Elbow: Yesterday afternoon I realized that there was a bubble, like a blister forming on my elbow. Looked just like a blister from a burn or sunburn, which is just like a burn, only different. But. My elbow is very careful to not get it was puzzling. 

I took the needle that I used to sew the buttons on my ugly brown shirt, you constant readers must remember that!

Poor old shirt has had a rough life....but it is so comfortable and favorite shirt....great 3 bucks. That top pic shows how it saved a good polo or work shirt from a stain spill.

So I popped the blister, and squeezed out the liquid, which was clear and reddish brownish, I guess. It didn't fill up again, because it had a hole in it? But it didn't continue leaking either, so like I commented, no big deal.

And then I remembered that my ankle briefly felt like it was getting stung, and then a laser beam of pain shot into my toes, and thankfully it went away. I noticed this morning that my toes are less swollen and have more motion.

Chest pain went away, and didn't come back when I trimmed the shelf and put it in. Only took me 22 years, but I got that done.  Well, maybe the chest pain didn't go away totally. Advil was 5 hours ago.....

Views of this are way down from a week ago, so I'll probably lessen the interval, eventually switching it over to all wood or at least general stuff.

How about a giveaway? I made those chicks errrr started the chicks maybe 15 years ago for Grandma, but never got them finished. I'm pretty sure she doesn't want them now. OR you can have the hummingbird/oriole feeders.  Really. I don't want them. 
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