Thursday, September 29, 2016

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Overdone it episode. Been home 3 weeks now...and celebrated by going to the grocery store....Pineapple looked really good, and pork N beans were on sale for .49  That is a bargain for me. LOL 3.8 cents per ounce.

So yeah, overdone it, I think. I've been reshelving my laundry area and built a basket shelf/table between the washer and dryer. I don't know why they put the drain and supply for the washer on one end of the room but the dryer hookups on the other. Lucky there's only about 2 feet between, right? Anyway....the understairs area is open and accessible and makes decent storage....except there's not decent shelving.  Earlier today I was able to remedy part of that, and was working on the rest of it tonight.  

Simple enough, just measure the height of an existing board on one side and put one on the stairs at about the same height. Measure how big the shelf needs to be, and make it so. HAHA. Measure twice and cut 3 times. Or something like that. 

For the shelf, I found I had a half sheet of 1/2" plywood that was rescued from a dumpster, and I was pretty sure that 34 x 36 would work. Nope. I turned it a couple ways, measured it a couple more times and gave up, errrrrr. Quit for the night since it's past 9.....besides, my chest is hurting. The right side, starting about rib 3 and going to about rib 7.

Apparently a half sheet of plywood is heavy. The table I put it on was kinda high and not exactly sturdy, which is why it's on the dissassemble list. Took a gabapentina and a pair of advil, might be only my 2nd pair of advil today.

I'll try again on the shelf tomorrow, unless my chest still hurts, and then I'll leave it for Sunday, since still no one has volunteered for a massage. Oh that way.

Uncle Google says a half sheet weighs about 33 pounds. Hmmmmmm. Time for more recovery. 

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