Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Lazy. Kinda sick. malaise?

I'm less than an inch into my old fashioned and I'm not too sure what malaise is. But I'm certain that I have some.

Yeah, kinda sick. On Friday, I soldered on a stained glass panel and after that, way back in my throat it hurt to swallow. Coincidence? Not sure. I soldered an entire panel on Sunday, dripping snot on it. Hey, sometimes you can't take time to wipe the nose. Monday a little worse, very snotty, went thru quite a few tissues. Tissues made of the same stuff as gas station toilet paper....the stuff that sands the "residue" off your rump. 

Not drunk enough to go all out on that description....but tempting.

BTW, I modified a baked oatmeal recipe, and had some for supper. (spell check says "sof" does not spell "for)(spell check is correct)(fingers are not always following orders) Modifications included adding dried cranberries (craisins) and a few lumps of orange that I didn't eat or put into my Old Fashioned. (Yes, it deserves capitalization now.) I should have thought of the orange addition sooner so it could have cooked in a little more, but it was still good. And BTW, I put in the rind, too. Hey, it's full of essential oils. I'd post a pic, but I already ate the oatmeals and the Old Fashioned looks a little unpleasant, if I'm honest. I muddle the hell out of that orange.......

I made my muddler, of course. It was part of a pallet, or skid, and there is a difference. If you want to know the difference, just ask. Anyway, it's white wood, a hardwood, but pretty plain. Might be poplar.....I really don't know.

Today started off worse than Monday; very coughy. I only ate one cough drop, though, because I would sort of pay attention to myself and before a coughing fit, I'd take a big deep breath. And I'd hold it awhile. It helped, I didn't cough near as much, which is good since it seemed as if I could taste some bloood. That's not a flavor profile I much like. Too coppery, like licking electrical wire. 

I have not actually licked electrical wire. I might have held some in my teeth or stripped some very small wire with my teeth in the past. This bloggy is getting confusing.

But as soon as I figured that out, I got to feeling better. Much less snotty, I only sneezed a few times and blew just a few more times than that. And as previously mentioned, only 1 cough drop. 

Is it allergic reaction to the solder/flux fumes?? I don't know. I'll be sure to use a fan next time to test that hypothesis. 

Lazy. Yes, lazy. I've got work to do in the basement. I've got work to do in the kitchen. But what am I doing? Watching Utube videos and tapping this bloggy. I sat and watched videos all last night too.  During my daytime breaks I have worked on a gift, which I'm not going to talk about because the recipient may actually read the bloggy thing. 

Can you imagine?

Oh, I suppose you might. LOL

Malaise. Holy crap: 

Malaise | Definition of Malaise by Merriam-Webster

1 : an indefinite feeling of debility or lack of health often indicative of or accompanying the onset of an illness. 2 : a vague sense of mental or moral ill-being <a malaise of cynicism and despair — Malcolm Boyd>

Yup, I guess wait, what the hell happened to the font. That's better. Yeah, I guess I do know what it means.

Someone said to me: "It's Christmas week......"

And I thought, "yeah, so?" I don't even know what Christmas means, anymore. And so then I think about fun stuff, like the meaning of life, and my contribution to society, or lack thereof. 

And then I come home and eat oatmeal and drink Wild Turkey 101, BTW, the bottle is empty, and a fresh new one would make a great gift. It'd be nice if someone would come over right now and fetch me a couple ice cubes. But since I'm flexible and the door is locked, I'll manage.

Is it normal to feel your pulse in your head after some drink? Hmmmmmm

I found an ice cube in my cup of water. Original storage location, don't you think? Next I'll be putting them in my segmented parts storage bins. 

Actually, I won't because I think I remain somewhat logical even after a big slug of bourbon. I'm not driving anywhere, though. Either? Whichever is more appropriate. 

Pretty sure I know what's actually causing my malaise, but I don't know what I'll do about it.

Crash update? sure. Nothing. 

That's right. nothing. I got a bill. But UWhealth says nothing has been paid, but nothing is due.  It's very rare that I have a bit O dizzy, my elbow remains the same. I don't really notice anything with anything else....unless I look at my toes in the light, and I see that my toenail is still a bit purple.  My hands still have scars. I don't notice the sharp pain in the belly when I sneeze now, guess I've had enough practice. *shrug*

See how trendy I can be? J/K

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