Sunday, December 04, 2016

recovery ??weeks, lost count. And some other stuff.

Recovery. Guess what? nothing much has nothing much to report. If I put any pressure on my elbow, it is painful. The left index knuckle can be painful if a lot of pressure is put on it, too. Can you imagine what I do? I avoid putting pressure on those areas. 

Amazing logic, isn't it?

If you've got tubes of crescent rolls in the fridge from Jan 2015, don't bother opening them, go ahead and toss them, errrrr, donate to the Michelle oBama school lunch program.  I'm baking a tube of biscuits from this summer, they should be ok. And I know they'll go great with my crockpot of buffalo chicken chili, which is actually turkey and I didn't put any buffalo sauce in yet, so I'm not sure what it is, other than turkey, beans, corn, tomatoes and some herbs.

Tomorrow is week 9 of my community ed class. Are you ready to learn what it is?

Biscuits are done. You'll have to wait.

Just like a cooking show, huh? You can see that the biscuits cooked a little faster than expected. Could be because they're old and a little dry, or it could be the toaster oven, temp might have been a little high. Tasted fine.  I may add the buffalo sauce.....

The class....starting a new hobby. See if you can tell what it is.

yup, not too hard to figure out, right?

The first and last pics are of the class practice panel. Basically choose some glass from the box the instructor brought and cut it out. The pic  of George is my project, that I picked out to do for the other class project. It turned out ok, I think. It's half the size of the other student's projects, and in some ways much simpler, in some ways more complicated. 

So there's a better pic of the practice panel, I know you want one....and then some pics of other stuff I've done.  I'm willing to sell this stuff. Or if you ask nicely enough, I might give you one.

I'm using the bench/table I made years ago for my router, and wood storage. I removed both, filled the hole left from the router insert panel, and converted the wood storage to glass storage. It's a good height for me to stand  to work, so now I'm extra trendy with a stand up desk like all the rich kids have.  

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