Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Friday, Happy Veterans Day, Happy Birthday to the Marines.

Ok, enough of the sappy crap.

Something I've learned on this bloggy thing?  I don't remember everything that I typitty tap type here.  Sure, if someone brings it up, I will recall it.  Take for example, the post I wrote right after we went to see Grandma when I mentioned my dead cousin, a live cousin and her homeless looking kid.  Apparently she didn't appreciate that....but then again, she is a liberal and therefore hyper sensitive to the truth.  We're no longer FB friends, due to her hyper sensitivity.

I'm thinking that the act of typing is therapeutic for me, and the aggravation I feel and write about is absolved, and therefore I forget about it.  Hee hee haha hoho.

Finally made it to the shoe store. Can someone please tell me the allure of the "outlet mall"?  They had the exact same selection at the same prices there as at the store down by WallyMart.  Yes, I actually went to 3 shoe stores as well as going thru the shoe dept at WM.  2 of them were Famous Footwear, they have a small Sketchers section, about 5 styles.  Also went to Payless...since it was nearby.  Saw something very interesting along the way, but I'm not going to tell you about that.

As suspected, the music was too loud, the heat was too high, the stink factor was way up there.  BUT the trash issue wasn't too bad.  Perhaps that means that the shoes I tried on/looked at had been tried on before.  Or maybe that means they're cutting back on the crap that they fill the shoes with.  Loooky Jeff...I ended a phrase with a preposition!  :)  I know you don't care. 

WallyMart did a reorganization of the store about 4 years ago, I still am looking for the stuff where it used to be located.  About the time I get it rememberized, they'll move it all again. 

Someone here has bad gas, I'm going to blame the cat, since he can't blame me and he doesn't care anyway.

Speaking of gas, it's about time to treat the gas in the mower, trimmer, and motorcycles.  I use Stabil.  I have heard that some use "seafoam" with good results, but it's not thick and red (like SloeGin), so how do you know if it's doing anything??  Probably going to take out the batteries this year, put them in the basement.  The plan is to load them on the trailer, cover them and put them into a red SHED where the power supply is not reliable.  Besides, we have 3 bikes and only 2 battery tenders.  Anyone want to buy a good used bike?  My plan is to put a bunch of stuff on the trailer, like the mower, the saddlebag box, a couple benches that I use in the garage for MC repair and work...clear out the garage so Val has less crap to run over when she parks the car in the garage.  Or maybe so when we're out of town the pickup can fit into the garage.

Got a crack in the corner of my thumb already.  I must need to do some more massages, or at least use more lotion on me.  Who wants a massage?  Honestly, it's a lot more fun to put lotion all over someone else, esp if they're paying me for the privilege.

Lots to do this weekend, like put cayenne pepper in the bird seed and on the suet cakes. Damn squirrels are eating it!  AND it's not really bird seed...if you plant it, birds don't appear, who named this stuff?  Need to spread some winterizer fertilizer on the grass, clean the gutter, etc.  come help!  Trade a massage....
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