Sunday, November 06, 2011

Penny wise, pound foolish.  observations and comments

There are lots of examples.  Too bad I can't think of any right now.  :)

Don't think that's going to stop my bloggy post, however.  Oh, here's one.  Caught cold and going to use a lot of kleenix?  It'd be penny wise, nose foolish to buy the cheap tissues instead of spending another buck to get the Puffs Plus with lotion....This is something you will regret, I guarantee. 

Don't know if you like whiskey or rum?  Buying the bottle on the bottom shelf because it is only $11 could be a may determine that you "don't like" whiskey or rum when you have not tried the good stuff.  Same goes for beer and even coffee.  People will try coffee that is too weak or too strong and then think they have to dump in a bunch of sugar/cream/etc to make it drinkable...when they just need to regulate the gounds. 

A cheap shovel may last 2 years but the shovel that cost $5 more may last 10.  A $30 coffee pot may last 1 year, but the $100 pot can/will last for 10.  Or it may only last for 5 years if you didn't remember to turn off the switch when you went out of town for a week...

Sometimes cheap stuff is just as good as expensive stuff.  I have off brand/no name wrenches that have been just as good as the name brand sold by Sears.  I was going to comment on the underwear....but I've never tried expensive underwear.  Val has some, and it doesn't seem to last very long.  Dunno.  No, it's not my fault that her's don't last a long time.

Well.  So far, this is dull as shit, isn't  it. 

An example of when I was cheap and regretted it:  I bought a GPS from a one sale each day site, it was refurbished.  It didn't ever work quite right, and the maps were wrong.  Tom the bastard wouldn't send new maps even though I was willing to pay him.  Our friend Jim confirmed what I suspected:  lifetime map upgrades are not going my life time, or even the lifetime of the magical map unit...only as long as they decide to support the unit.  I doubt that they will tell you in the book:  Oh, btw, we're only going to send you maps for about another 6 enjoy your new magical map!

When I was doing apt maintenance, it didn't take long to learn that the owners had installed the absolute cheapest cabinets and doors that they could buy.  Kids in that complex must have derived a lot of pleasure from riding the cabinet doors in the amazing 180* arc that they traveled.  Eventually, the little screws holding the hinges to the face frames would pull out of the glued and pressed newspaper that it was made of.  You can imagine my puzzlement, the first time I was called to a unit to repair one...I sat down on my bucket...floor was too sticky to sit on...and looked at it for a while.  I looked around at the others, found some examples of repair.  I found that I'd have to reinforce the face frames with pieces of wood, pieces of steel, I'd have to glue the "boards" back together from where they were splitting, fill the screw holes with toothpicks and glue so there would be something for the hinge screws to hold on to.  One great day, the drill slipped and allowed the phillips bit to perforate my hand.  Believe me, that hurt. 

I think they should have spent a little more money, used cabinets with solid wood face frames.  Same sort of thing with the doors...the asshats that lived there lived to punch/poke holes in the doors, which we patched by using contact cement to glue a piece of similar crap over the hole.    OH, sure, when the manager moved into a different apt?  she got all new doors, new cabinets, new bathroom sink, new fridge.  oh well.

You know, I suppose the very best example of penny wise, pound foolish comes from the grocery store.  A package of this or that seems cheaper, and it may be, because it is a smaller package.  Yeah, it makes me grumpy.  That's all for today...over and out.
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