Sunday, January 01, 2012

Carnival Legend Dec 2011 Tuesday Grand Caymen

Crap!  lost my notepad.  I took notes every night of the day's activities so I could remember for this reporting.  Let's see what I remember, and whatever I don't remember, I'll just make up. See if you can tell which is which.

Seems like I was ready before Val, so I went down to the MDR for breakfast.  I believe Jerry was there, maybe Brenda too, not sure.  I ordered Eggs Benedict Arnold, which was quite good.  Seems like Jerry shared his bagel/cream cheese/smoked salmon.  They serve the smoked salmon as 2 rosettes, they include 3 or 4 little pink bicycle tires, (George Carlin reference), 3 red onion rings, and several caper berries.  There was a weird lettuce leaf too...perhaps to insulate the tomatoes from the plate?  To make it pretty?  The gratinize the eggs benedict arnold; I hope that is the right word...anyway, they put it under a broiler thingy to give the hollandaise a little bit of char.  That and coffee makes for a pretty decent breakfast.

Dink around some more, find my wife, ride the tender boat to Grand Caymen.  It was a nice big boat, fast, comfortable.  We had an hour or so before we were to go on our we wandered around shopping.  We got back to the pier, and I don't feel like typing out the whole CF, but we didn't go on a shore excursion due to a mixup or 3.  Grand Caymen is very expensive.  they have some locally made beers for $8.  We didn't have any of those, Jerry and I shared a bucket of Miller light and Amstel Light, which they have to get from Denmark or some such place.  5 beers for $22...way more than they are worth.  When we realize we were not going on the excursion, we went back to the ship, had lunch, took a nap, wandered around, etc, so on before dinner.

We went to the past guest party, got some free drinks, and went on to dinner.  I don't remember what I had, but it was good. 

Actually, I think the towel dude was from Monday night.  Dunno if you can see the water on the floor...the shower drain is not working right.  We've complained about this before but they didn't fix it.  I guess when we left a note on top of all the room's towels for the maid...she took care of it and it worked good after this.  Except that they didn't bother to reconnect the sink's stopper to the handle, so I hid it somewhere in the room on our last day.  I wonder if she found it, and just jammed it back in, or if she got it repaired properly. I considered taking it home, taking it to dinner, leaving it on the desert plate, etc.  Each day, I'd take it out of the sink, leave it on the counter so she could see it, each day she'd jam that fucker back in the hole.

MoTown show, comedian, etc for entertainment.  Comic got pretty mean, actually.  Seems like we asked the dude in the piano bar that was playing guitar to do "Aint no Sunshine", which he sort of did.  He made the attempt, anyway.

Yep, kind of a boring bloggy thing, huh?   ohwell.
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