Monday, January 02, 2012

Carnival Legend western Caribbean cruise Dec 2011

So today, we cooked a turkey.  Didn't roast/bake it whole, I cut it into pieces and parts before the baking.  Why?  Too lazy to find a bucket big enough to brine it.  Chopped off the arms, the legs, separated the chest from the back.  Put it all into a big pot and brined it most of a day, then rubbed some oil on the arms, legs and chest and baked it for a while.  put the back and neck into some water and boiled it, will make some stock and will harvest all the bits of meat off the ribs and vertebra.  After dinner, then, we pulled all the meat that we could get off the chest, then put those bones into the pot to boil awhile.  Should make some pretty good soup or maybe turkey & biscuits.  We also have a large container of white and dark meat to gnaw on, make sandwiches, etc.  Feel free to submit your left over turkey ideas.

Wait!  what the hell does that have to do with the cruise?  I'm pretty sure we didn't even eat any turkey on the ship.  So.  Let's see.  Wednesday, Cozumel.  Coz is a Mexican island on the Eastern coast of Mexico. 

I don't know who she is, but she had a nice pose, so I took her pic.

Took a pic of the ships photog and also the 2 "characters" the ship provides for "candid" pics.  Of course, you get yer pic taken with these people, but not with yer own camera.  They want you to buy the pic for $20.  Maybe it's worth it, but for the most part...I don't think so.

I went into town, walked around a while.  Pier is 3 miles or so from the downtown area, didn't walk that far...kinda hot, quite humid, I have to be on a motorcycle at 2.  So I went back to the boat, changed into my jeans, dropped off my good camera, went and found Jerry chatting with a nice girl from NY.

Yeah, she's sideways.  Big deal.

the ride came with lunch, which is odd for 4:00.  come on, we have dinner at 6!  Oh well, it was nice.  The bike was ok, kinda loud, funny though, the exhaust on all these bikes had been put back together with hose clamps and tuna cans.  On must have been low on oil, because when coming back, the engine didn't sound good at all, and the clutch slipped a lot.  That was fun.  Try to accelerate, the engine would rev way up and pretty soon the rest of it would catch up.  We got back to the pier at 5:30.  Actually, we got back to the parking lot at 5:30, which is when we're supposed to be on the ship.  It's about a half mile to the ship...we made it, but it was aggravating.  They do this 6 days each week, twice a day.  They know how long it takes to go around the island...there is 1 road.  So their tardyness cost their photographer 40/50 bucks, because I think we would have both bought the pics he took, but we didn't have time.  I would have bought a bottle of whiskey or rum to take back on board, but I didn't have time.  Oh well, still had a nice MC ride in Coz in December. 

Look, pier runners!

So I had about 15 minutes to shower and get dressed for dinner.  Val met me in the room, she had taken pics  of us strolling down the pier, so she got out my clothes, helped dry off my back, etc.  No, no rumpy anway, the above pic is smoked duck.  Looks raw, doesn't it?  tasted pretty good.  Oh, right.  Had MDR for breakfast again, same as yesterday.  Lunch was lido buffet, same old crap there too.

Entertainment was the marriage show, which used to be the newlywed and not so newlywed game show.  I don't know if they asked the old guy to be obtuse and difficult...but he was, in a fun sort of way.  Kind of tired tonight, so I didn't stay up too late.  Seems like tomorrow is a busy day...

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