Thursday, June 07, 2012

Happy national bus driver's day.   That means that today is the last day of school for an entire month...which is when summer school starts, 4-4 day weeks. *insert excited emoticon here*

No school means that I have lots of time to my favorite mow the lawn, paint the garage, paint the bathroom, ride my motorcycle, give massages, etc.  I've got some pickup repairs scheduled, some motorcycle repairs planned, I'll get serious about selling some crap we have here in the house...or haul it to Goodwill/Salvation Army.

Last day of school.  Should be an early dismissal, but it isn't.  What genius thought that one up?  Probably the same one that decided that all of JR high kids should go on a field trip to the zoo, or  Mall of America, or some other waste of time place.  Ok, the zoo is educational, but the mall?  WTF?

So far, I've gotten 2 gifts, and was told that: "I was going to bring you brownies, but I forgot"  I guess it's the thought that counts, but I would really enjoy a GC to a liquor store than the thought of non existent brownies.

If you have kids and if they like their bus driver...give him or her a little something, we need to know that you appreciate our efforts.  Here's some suggestions.

In no particular order:

  • liquor store gift card
  • cd w/pics of your boobs
  • gift card to a decent restaurant
  • gas card
  • sack full of SuperTech oil filters in the 3 sizes I use
  • home made/hand drawn thank you note
I realize that I should have posted this last week for you people, but now you can feel guilty for an entire year!  OR you now know how to start the next year off correctly.

BTW, I use ST3593A, ST8A, and ST7317
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