Sunday, September 16, 2012

Davis Rally review; always the weekend after Labor Day.  New Hampton IA, which is very close to Waverly, which is where you don't want to go for dinner.

Owen and Virginia wanted to go early, they had an appt to get their new bike personalized at 8, so we left home at 6.  It was dark and cold at 6, and still cold at 7, just in case you were wondering.  How cold was it?  Mid 40's, going 60 mph....makes for cold fingers!  We made the journey w/o stopping for anything other than for Virginia to put on her face mask, she has no whiskers.

We got there, paid our fee, got our wristbands, entered and parked.  There were only 2 or 3 other bikes in the lot, and turns out we knew the owners of 2 of them.  Steve/Lonesomedog from the 202 riding club strolled over seconds later on his way to the latrine and coffee vendor.  Owen took his bike over to the shelter where Lynus was to chickenscratch all over the new bike while we rested and changed jackets and shoes.  

Owen's new bike is blue, and decided to let the painter feller pick all the colours.  Painter did ask:  what colour do you want next...and I shouted out: Magenta!  Yep, worked good, too.  I could be a metrosexual, I'm sure of it.  

We walked downtown for breakfast at the senior center, about a mile, I suppose.  Buffet for $9, scrambled eggs, sausage, taters, fruit, coffee cake, muffins, juice, milk, coffee; it was pretty much worth the cost.  We sat with Steve and Bob, the 202 fellers.

Owen and Virginia hot-footed their way back to the rally to watch the feller paint the bike...can't blame them for to watch them, like kids in a candy store on Christmas morning.  I don't think I took pics of the painting, but I did take pics of some panties at a vendor's tent.  I may post them.

When we returned, we found our friends again, and walked the vendor row, seeing what there was to see.  I was looking for a few things, like a throttle lock for Val's bike, something else and one other thing that I don't remember now.  We looked at trailers, and could have bought one, just $3,000.  We didn't spend that much for the trailer that we can put both bikes on, along with a whole bunch of other crap, like oh hell, you don't care about that, do you?

Finally, the paint is dry, and we go for a ride.  We spend 6 minutes looking at a map and set off.  I keep telling people, you don't need to invest a huge amount of time planning a ride.  Just pick a direction and GO!  It was a great ride, Owen and Virginia led, since she can read a map while riding with him, it was wonderful.  We got back just in time for dinner, which was good, got parked for the parade, which was short, and the parade participants clearly did not understand.  

If you are driving in a parade:  GO SLOW!!!  If you are watching a parade, and a colour guard comes by, STAND UP.  Take off your hat.  Didn't you learn this in kindergarten?

Parade over, wind died down.  holy hell, it was windy for a little while...go to Kwik Star for gas and restroom, head home.  Owen and Val nearly hit a live skunk, all in all, it was a great day.  

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