Sunday, September 30, 2012

What I've done this month.

What did you do on your summer vacation?  I think we've already talked about that, so I'll tell you what I've been doing these past couple weeks.

Making people mad, mostly.  Here's how to make people mad: 

  1.  Post an opinion on the internet.  
  2.  wait
I've lost at least 3 FB friends, which is no loss at all, since they were not friends.  The funny thing?  I didn't insult them, call them names, nothing like that.  They called me names...and all 3 are liberal.

Enough of that.

I finished the bathroom least for now.  There is still some work I should do;  I need to take the light back down and do some more patching around it, but I don't know when I'm going to do that.  Here's a list of what I did:

  • remove border, old light, wooden towel bars
  • scrape peeling paint
  • wash walls and ceiling
  • prime all bare/scraped areas
  • skim coat all low areas, spots where the paint peeled
  • smooth mud
  • prime those areas
  • paint:  3 colours...upper walls and ceiling white.  lower walls blue/green, trim dark blue/green
  • paint again  :(
  • paint trim again
  • sand, stain and varnish secondary cabinet
  • prime and then paint vanity cabinet
  • caulk several areas
  • touch up paint
  • install chair rail
  • remove one section of the chair rail, patch areas where the paint pulled off
  • tape to paint area where the chair rail won't work :(
  • install towel bars
  • alter light switch plate to fit around towel bar :(
  • rehang tp holder, magazine rack, curling iron/hair drier thingy, rehang door
Yeah, it took forever.  Of course, if I'd been more organized, it would have gone faster.  If I had been more motivated, it'd have gone faster.  

I like the colors, I like the chair rail thingy, I like the light and the towel bars, so long as they stay up.  

Here's what else I've done in the last couple weeks.  It's a partial list and not much compared to those of you that are workaholics:

  • painted half of the front of the garage
  • caulked a window
  • planted a few mums
  • caulked around the garage door and back door
  • pulled the walk in garage door off and sanded/painted it
  • patch some concrete where Val backed into the garage and destroyed the foundation
  • motorcycle repair and oil change
  • wash motorcycle
  • motorcycle rides X 5
  • pickup oil change and some repair
  • reconfigure basement lights
  • break fluorescent tube in basement :(
  • go thru paint supply and throw out what's no good
  • patch hole in sheet rock
  • fill crack in driveway
  • of course this doesn't include all the other stuff, like scooping the litter box, washing the dishes, grocery shopping, laundry, working, etc.
I've lost track of how many times I've cleaned my paint brush, good thing I mostly use latex paint.  Remember on FB I was bragging up the good paint in a plastic bucket?  18 year old paint, Pittsburgh brand.  We painted the upstairs of our house before we moved in with this stuff, I was amazed that what was left in the can was still good.  That said...several quart cans of paint that are newer but have been opened several times in the interim were not good and have been thrown away.  Some of my gallon cans also weren't good; the steel cans let the paint dry out.  Kind of weird.

Next up:  more garage paint, window maintenance, mower storage, week whacker storage, snow blower startage, car oil change, Val motorcycle oil change, patio clean up, AL can sale, and maybe 2 more things.  maybe.
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