Friday, November 09, 2012

Love Our Lurkers Day 7 has Arrived!

A lurker is someone unseen. They peek in and listen to our conversations. They watch and learn. Sometimes, they may wonder, but they make no sound. Maybe they're a little bit shy or nervous or don't know quite what to say. A lurker is someone unseen. Until today, that is...

Fear not, dear lurkers, because we too are fascinated with the same subjects that brought you here. Better still, today is your day! It's Love Our Lurkers Day. This is your opportunity to poke your head up just enough to say hello. Since you and good people like you constitute more than half of our readership, we bloggers are curious about you.

We're glad that you're here and don't mind you reading anything you like. But if you could write a short introductory comment, that would be simply fantastic. If you will, please tell us your name (it doesn't have to be your REAL name), the part of the world where you live, and maybe a little bit about you're interested in reading more about.
Apparently this LOL thing has been going on for 7 years, but since I've only had this bloggy thing for 1.5 years, I didn't care about it at it's inception.
Take just a minute comment...either here or on FB or send an email.  thanks
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