Thursday, September 15, 2016

9 15 16 recovery

Well, friends, I knew I'd be more amused by that revelation than you'd be. 

Unless you're being amused at home, privately, secretly. 

That's how I look at it. Those of you with a sexual partner enjoyed some rumpy pumpy after reading my blog. And those of you w/o one put BOB to work, didn't you. I can see you now, saying "this one is for you, thanks for the inspiration" either tipping your imaginary hat,  a shy high 5, maybe a little wink. Whatever works. 

I fear (or celebrate) that there's not going to be much more actual recovery to share with you. It'll be another week or more for my hands to heal. (and elbow) (and ankles, but I don't look at them, and they feel ok) I just kinda need to get the big red bloody scab off my hands, actually where it is is gone, it is pink and looks pretty good. 

I'll go for walks...rebuild whatever stamina I had. I'll join a pool, maybe when the hands are healed up. I don't want any public pool nasty getting into me.....and maybe i'll go back to work half time. I'm tempted to look at it for next week, actually. Maybe I'll call the boss later today. 

It's just broken ribs and a toe....big deal, right? No sense in being a wimp.....

I almost wrote "no sense in being a pussy". Um. It makes more sense to say "no sense in being a pair of balls"....because all women know that a tiny whack to to the balls causes the owner/wearer of balls to collapse and cry for a week. Whereas the pussy.....well. Suffice to say the pussy can take a beating and want more. Amazing.

There is something else that we all say that is totally inaccurate...but I can't remember what it is right now. When I remember, rest assured that I'll blah blah blah about it.
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