Friday, September 16, 2016

recovery 9 16 16

Days sure go fast, huh? 

I've been home more than a week now, and I think my recovery has gone pretty fast. I've got nothing to compare it to so I'll just brag on what I've done, I guess. 

Although, I feel like saying what my last hospitalization was, just in case I forgot that. March 6, I went roller skating with the 4H or some weird group. I really only that it was Jim Meikle and maybe a Haidsaik or 2? Went to Creston, and finally got up the courage to skate when they had the black lights on, all that stuff showed up on the floor. I don't know if I tripped, or stumbled, or what happened exactly. Fell down, I know that, and to make a long story short, we went finally to the emergency room in Clarinda sometime on the 7th, probably after lunch. Mom was in Omaha, Susie tried to cook some eggs for breakfast. 

Broken ankle. Cast went from toes to mid thigh, I didn't go to school the rest of the year. I'd alternately use a wheelchair and a walker, was able to get in the pickup  and car, we'd go to town for dinner occasionally or to Peve's for stuff. Got the cast off May 2, same weekend as a boy scout campout. I took a bath, first since March. Holy hell, the amount of dead skin on my foot and knee. Yuck. HOLY HELL the pain when that knee bent for the first time. 

I think I don't camp because I had terrible times camping. Not sure I had a single experience.....but I got to go on to 7th grade, and the ankle has been pretty good since then. But it was a terrible 2 was really awful. And Mom and Dad split in August, same year. Hmmmmmmmmmm.


Today's recuperation. Where did the morning go? I don't know....amazing. Anyway, I enjoyed free lunch Friday, chatted with a good friend. She made the offer to mow my lawn, cause I'm still waiting for Gordon. Probably I'll do it my self.

After lunch, I walked to Kwik Trip, it's .4mile each way. I saw a barky dog. I saw some cucumbers. I saw some aluminum cans, and found a credit card next to the pump. Got that returned to the owner, 3 or 4 of them were busy looking inside instead of looking near the pump, but whatever. One of them actually was able to say the words: "thank you". 

I went to KT to get bananas, is really the only reason...and also to get the walk. Took 15 minutes to walk there, and my chest really hurt/ached. I sat on some sacks of salt for a few minutes, nearly lost my own card, then walked home, picking up 3 aluminum cans, and not the same cans. I will get them, next time I walk down. Total trip was 40 minutes. 

I took some extra pillows up to my bedroom, in case I needed them for propping. I've been sleeping in my LaZBoy recliner....wanted to test my bed. It was good. Very good. I set my alarm for hourtwenty. I turned it off and slept another hour. LOL I'll confess it was hard to sit up, some of it was a pillow under my knees, part of it was I was tangled in my sheet. And part of it is it's very difficult to sit up when ribs don't cooperate.

Been showering in the basement, which is great in case I want to do laundry or tend the litter box. George did kick a lot of litter out, so had to tend that. Shaved today. Then cleaned the toilet. I don't know if the girl I hired to come on Tuesday is coming to take care of that or not. I know she's busy.  Then I trimmed my toenails.....and I'm pretty sure that's the extent of it.

Well, I'm supposed to have a ride to listen to a band this evening, dunno if that's going to happen or not....which is why I took such a long late nap.....

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