Saturday, September 17, 2016

recovery 9 17 16

I was feeling bold and brave last night, so I went upstairs to bed. About 1030, or just before. Had not stayed up so late for a long I got in and laid there for a long long time. I had a very hard time getting comfortable, Seems like there was an uncomfortable feeling in my chest, almost as if some ribs were broken. 

Imagine that. 

I did eventually drop off to sleep. But woke even more uncomfortable around 2. :( Moved to the chair but only slept til about 715.....and now when I write that, common sense says that's plenty of sleep and to not bitch about it. 

I really do hope to get out to do something today, I fear the day will be awfully boring if I don't. 

FB events shows I am interested in a HyVee cooking class, or something. Fairgrounds has a dog event that I've meant to go to for about 10 years. Agility and obedience, etc. There's the farmer's market. And there's 100 different places a guy could go to look around....Oxbow, Eagle Bluff, Eagle center, other overlooks, etc.

May have to forget that I took an oxycodone or contin whatever it is and get in the lesbian and go for a drive....being reliant on other people is hard....really hard.

Feel free to make suggestions on how to get comfortable in bed. Or make suggestions on what to do....
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