Sunday, September 18, 2016

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2 weeks. September has always been one my favorite months, the weather is better than other months, the farm harvest is more fun than some of the others, got married, etc. 

Oh, sure, there's that whole school thing too. Well, just part of life, I reckon.

Of course when I say "farm harvest" I mean chopping silage. And I did see a fair amount of that when riding around WI. Amazing, the one operation....self propelled chopper, not sure how many rows wide it was, but they used box trucks pulled up right behind the chopper. I still love the smell of the corn. Love the smell of diesel made for a very enjoyable time. 

I'll tell you what else is enjoyable....yep. Being "regular" on a regular basis. I dunno if I'm back to normal yet, but it's gotta be getting close. 

I think I've always tried to enjoy the little things in life, and I'll list some things that I enjoy: nap, sunrise, sunset, kitty snuggles, shower, hot coffee, hug, sunshine on my back, blue sky, tiny flowers, and a lot more.

I know you're beyond caring, but I was able to wash some dishes and put away some laundry. I.e. fold queen sized sheets.

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