Monday, September 19, 2016

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Whining. Or call it complaining. I do too much of it, that's for sure.  Today's whine? Here I am, thinking of how irritating it is to not sleep through the night....when I should remember what it was like 2 weeks ago....

Some doctor thought the best thing for me was to install an insulin drip, and then send in the nurses every hour to poke my finger every hour to test my glucose level. Remember the pics of my hands? Sure, it was superficial injuries. So superficial it was never bandaged. But that didn't mean I thought it felt good for the nurses to grab that damaged area every time they needed to reposition my hand to aid in the stabbing. 

Got so towards the "mid morning" (4-6am) I wasn't very nice to them. And towards Wednesday not nice at all, all night. That one was shouting at me....

Anyway.....after sleeping thru several nights, now I worry....why am I not sleeping? I was pretty active yesterday...I mowed about half of my lawn. I worked in the basement for a while. I put away some laundry, washed some dishes. I prob spent a couple more hours sitting on my swing and in my old lawn chair, too....thinking more time out of my recliner would help. I know....that's not a lot of activity, not really. I felt tired, at 9pm, so I did what I do to get ready, turned off the light, and slept till about 12. :(

I'm trying to figure out if I'm rested enough, and need to do more? It's hard to do a lot when the mid back aches as if there's broken ribs in there. :D Am I not sleeping (this is the 3rd night) (I think) due to guilty conscience? Am I worried about the bills? is it the irritation of the healing in my ankles that keeps me awake? 

It's probably nothing. 
Tonight I'll try the bed again.  

In my workshop I've been working on a jenga like game set...bigger than jenga sized, but smaller than the giant sized, this is portable. I have been working on a wooden carrying case, where half of the case can be used to square up the stack, like the plastic piece that comes with the regular game. Anyway, I cut the 2nd piece too short, it's to be the other half of the case, so I have to remake that whole thing. No big deal, just takes some time with glue and screws or nails...that whole measure 6 times to make sure the 1 cut is the right length.....I should not have made that cut yesterday.

Live and learn, huh? 
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