Friday, September 23, 2016

9 23 16 recovery

Sometimes I put the date first and sometimes I put recovery first. Wonder why?

Sneezing doesn't hurt as much, anymore. Still hurts, of course.....coughing doesn't hurt as much, either. YAY

CPAP humidifier was set on high, it's irritating how that gets changed. I may just let it shut itself off....since the on/off/humidifier/change everything else is on the same knob.

Worked morning and afternoon today, took a 2 hour nap before the free lunch friday. Probably about the same otc pain killers as yesterday. 

Ask questions if you've got some....make up some....I'll make up answers....Thanks for reading along on this recovery journey, makes it seem less lonely, somehow. 

It's funny how some passengers know that I was out due to injury, some realized I was gone and assumed vacation, some didn't know I was gone at all. I guess it's all in if they asked and who they asked....

A coworker or 2 said there was some rather wild gossip going around the place. Conservative estimates indicate that a solid 10% of coworkers are glad I'm back. LMAO

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