Saturday, September 24, 2016

9 24 16 recovery

I know what you are going to say. But I'm going to tell you anyway. I guess that's part of being an adult, a guy with a little integrity. And besides, I know you are not going to spank me. 


So I mentioned that I've been working in the woodshop a little, and I was making a spice rack looking thing to put the essential oils on, right?

So far so good. Then I decide I should put doors on it, since the oils are supposed to be stored in the dark....So my luck holds and I find a piece of plywood that is just the right size, only needs a little cut off....

Table saw kickback. Just an inch or so above my navel, a little to the right. It happened after 9pm, which is past the time I normally quit for the night. I think I'll institute that plan down there, quitting at 9 so I can be in bed at 10ish on a school night.

Saw a recipe for a bourbon cocktail. Called the Godfather, I tried it. 2 oz bourbon and 1/2 ounce of Amaretto. I added an ice cube, and I don't feel drunk. Next time I'll use a better bourbon, I used a bottom shelf, which is better mixed with lots of stuff.

There it is. I used 2 pair of hinges that I got from Big Lots, 59 cents per pkg. Some of the screws (slotted) didn't fit my drivers, so I used other screws that didn't match at all. Big deal. LOL.  I have not yet decided if I'll fasten the top shelf on to it or not. Kinda looking like not, where it is going.

Trendy alert: big shout out to my little sister, she dropped off a lot of food almost 2 weeks ago. I cooked and enjoyed a chicken zucchini stuffing casserole hot dish....took forever to bake, but maybe I have unrealistic expectations for my oven. She brought so much stuff, I'm just now getting to the frozen items, 2 of them. Forecast says bake one on Monday. LOL. It's awesome, Susie, thanks again.

BTW, I mentioned that Val brought one?? It was great too.

Other recovery stuff? I took the one pill when I got up and a set of advil later. Around noon another set of advils, and so far that's it for the day. A coworker said he crashed his minivan last winter....broke a bunch of his wife's ribs...and she's still having problems, probably because they had to fix them with steel plates. Did I mention I was lucky? 

I gashed open my healing hand when fueling the bus today...damn propane screw on caps. People think they need to screw them on tight....but they don't. I'll spare you the bloody pic.

One reason I plan to rework the shop is so I can make the table saw table bigger so I don't have such problems when I try to cut larger pieces. 

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