Sunday, September 25, 2016

9 25 16 recovery 3 weeks

Recovery plus revelation. Perhaps 2 of them.

My Subaru is a little sick. I noticed it when I went to Menard's a week ago...turning short into a parking place or in general....there's a problem with the axle or ??? Dunno what the problem could be. I don't feel up to tearing it apart yet, either.

My main revelation? I did something in this blog that I have secretly made fun of people about. I started off telling you about how I was doing all of this exercise and how I intended to continue to exercise, maybe build some muscle tone and lose some weight. HAHA. I was just like everyone else, and as soon as it was convenient, like 2 days, I quit the walking. 

I could rationalize it, say that I'm more active at work and in the shop. And that is true....I do walk a couple blocks at work. 6 or 8, depending on how often I have to visit a restroom. I stand in the basement, I walk forth and back, I take the stairs to get there and out again. Big deal, right? Right. 

Since the Subaru is sick and I'm working every day again, I'll have to drive the old sick pickup to work....and I can't remember the last time I drove it...perhaps whenever it was that Kelly borrowed the trailer....May??? It started right up...amazing. (2nd revelation, and not much of one, at that)

I didn't take the gabapentin this morning, and have only taken 2 dose of advil, no tylenol yet. (as of noonish)(plans are to spend some time in the basement, and actually do some work.) I took the last aspirin today, too.

I really get dizzy when I lay down in bed....the room spins. Kind of fun at first...but I think it'll get old soon.  I recall a few other times in my life when the bedroom would spin when I got in. Usually beer related, but 2x tequila caused the problem. 

2:15. Some time in the basement tells me that I need some more pain killer, so gabapentin on board, along with some tylenol. And that's all I took today...I got a lot of work done downstairs, lots of stuff moved, lots of stuff thrown away. 

3 weeks since my crash. Everything happens for a reason, right? Not sure what that reason is yet...I've asked a few people....they suggest it's to teach me patience, tolerance, how to enjoy pain, who my friends are, etc. Feel free to make a suggestion. 

And now for a couple pics of workshop work. 

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