Monday, September 26, 2016

Recovery 9 26 16

Working in my basement, I've had the "opportunity" to get down on the floor to do some stuff. Shelves, mostly, in between the studs of my little room which is rather multi purpose.....wood storage, finishing, tornado hiding. My brother and father used to come visit occasionally and they'd get to sleep down there, they'd call it the "dungeon". There's no bed in there any more, such as it was. 

Getting down onto the floor isn't too hard. Getting back up is slightly more of a challenge, due to gravity.

I started the day with a gabapentin, and I don't think I will repeat the experiment of going without for another week or maybe even a third of a month. Just one pill a day does make a difference. 

Stamina is improving, I'm able to work longer with less discomfort. Hard to tell day by day, but.....that's my story.

Jeez, sorting thru some electrical'd think I was afraid of needing or wanting lamp cords and not being able to find some. I save too much stuff, so I'm tossing a bunch of wire and those cords; if they are less than 4' or there was one that was all wound'd never relax and be smooth. I'm thinking about consolidating those supplies between the house and garage...because I've got a bunch of stuff both places. What a great idea, just haul it all out to the garage and forget about it until the day before the first ice storm.  

Tossing a bunch of other stuff too. Like BUBBLEWRAP! LOL 
I had pulled out a jump box thing from a dumpster, but it never would work right, surprise, huh? I wonder why it was thrown in the dumpster? duh. Hopefully the battery will still be good, and some of the other components are....the light, the clamps, a switch.

My intention is to put the electronic/electric stuff at a bench so that it's easy to use. My basement has a low hanging cold air return that runs the length of half the basement, and I'm tired of hitting my head on it. I hope to be able to set it up so the sit down bench will be under it.  I'll be able to solder, sew, do some leatherwork, calculate soap, etc. I'll wrap christmas gifts, ebay and amazon sales, lamp repair, maybe knife sharpening, carving, and much much more. 

Recovery? Yes, it's happening. I'm able to concentrate on stuff that is much more interesting than how miserable I feel. And today I realized that I really made a mistake 3 weeks ago.....I should have asked for a vasectomy. LMAO

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