Tuesday, September 27, 2016

recovery 9 27 16

Some of you know and some of you are about to know something about me. I know that recovery is occurring because I am starting to dream about giving massages. It might be fun to give one on Sunday afternoon....who is willing to be a "guinea pig"? (crash test dummy?) 

bit O background....This time of year in 2002, I was in massage school, 500 hour course, to become certified. It was very interesting...anatomy and physiology, palpation, hands on learning, internship, etc. All of my classmates were fresh from high school, and skinny. I wasn't. LOL At least one other guy was hairy....

So anyway. I tried fairly hard to succeed at the business, stayed with it until 2009, when I gave up and went back to driving bus so we could quit accumulating debt that my wife was hiding from me, and so that we could start going on cruises.  I see just enough clients now to not forget how to do massage.....I'd like to have a few more.....

Sleeping thru the night is better and better....I'm sure the cooler weather helps...I love piling on the blankets. I still wake up a few times, but for shorter times, and not as often. 

My toes are still swollen, the nails have the purple spots on them like when you hit your thumb with a hammer, so they'll likely fall off. BTW, my shoe has some damage on it, the sole is slightly pulled off...so my toes must have grabbed the ground to act as a brake or pole vault.  I don't limp, so that's good.

Road rash on hands, elbow and ankles is healing. I have not picked the scabs off my ankles, pain has diminished, all are doing fine. 

The bruise on my belly from the table saw kickback is better. I can't believe none of you took the opportunity to ridicule me. Cause I'm home alone doing dangerous things. LOL Not being careful or safety first.

My ex motherinlaw brought over some food.....some of my favorites.....and I appreciate it a LOT. It's never too late to bring over something...and I'll think good thoughts about you forever, or at least until I forget. ;)

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