Thursday, September 22, 2016

recovery 9 22 16

I've been home 2 weeks now, and what a difference 2 weeks makes. Today I took one gabapentin, 3 dose of advil and 2 dose of tylenol.  I worked in the woodshop a couple hours, cleaned the toilet, did some laundry, and worked about 5 hours.

I did notice this morning that I felt like there was some stuff in my lungs, that went away....and I hope it stays away. I will check my cpap humidifier thingy before bed and will turn it down if possible. 

Dr Jim left a mssg saying to stop taking the aspirin on Sunday, 3 weeks after the crash. Thanks, Jim. ;) 

As I gradually work more in the basement and in my bus, I'll put in less time on the puter...and will prob make more bloggy posts that are wood related instead of whining about broken ribs. I'll post the links on my King'swoodshop FB page.

I'm going to reorganize the whole shop, build some things to make it better. Kinda doubt that I'll remember to take pics very often....making a spice rack like thing for my essential oils, to move them into a different room. Then a laundry area improvement. and then and then and then. It'll all prob be boring as hell to you. 

OH, yes. Still occasionally dizzy. Usually when I tilt my head to one side, left side. Initially I blamed it on the pain pills, but.....

And I still have some hearing issue. 

There, got my whining done.....hope you enjoyed.

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