Wednesday, September 21, 2016

recovery 9 21 16

I could make up some recovery. But like I told the crippled old nurse that occasionally rides my bus.....he asked: do you feel any better today?  UHHHHHH. How fast do broken bones heal? Can you tell the difference?? NO. Today I feel the same as yesterday. 

Yes, it's a reminder to be patient. I got better so fast those first 2 weeks that I could get frustrated that I don't see improvement every day.

But then I think about how I'd feel about being dead and I ponder pain, no tiredness, no hunger, no thirst, no medical bills. No beer, no bourbon, no boobs. No bbq, no cats, no dogs, no music, no sunrises.  Well, I'm not getting any boobs so I can't decide right now. 

But that nurse. His wife rides, too, both near 70. Strange people. Nice people. but strange.....I cannot imagine him being an active full time nurse....he can barely walk.  Nice of him to ask, I guess....

Speaking of BBQ, Owen sent a trendy texty this afternoon, so we went to dinner. Nice to see him. Working 3 pt jobs to pay for health insurance. Hmmmmmm. Thanks oBama!

Let's see. Recovery. This morning I took one pain pill (gabapenten) and a set of tylenol, then later a set of advil. Or did I??  Hour before work I took a set of advil, for sure and another 3 hours later. I know for sure I took those. Maybe I will have to write it all down....It's confusing. It's hard to remember. Point is that I'm not taking much for pain medication. I stopped taking the oxycodone, I only noticed that it put my intestines to sleep....Which is not helpful. Not helpful at all. 

The doctors said I should take a 375 mg aspirin to prevent clots. I think I mentioned that I still had the jar of 500 from Val's surgeries, and that I'd take one of them. I suppose that helps with the morning pain and discomfort....and I wonder how long I should take it for the blood thinning anti clotting? I was going to ask the doctor yesterday, but it didn't show up at the appointment.

OH god damn, it hurts to sneeze.
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