Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Been looking around my shop for a long time, and I'm not happy with how it's laid out, not happy with several things.

I changed a few things last winter and got started on dust collection, too. Changes....minor, swapped the drill press and lathe positions, moved a bench a little. I built another bench for the wood storage room, built some racks on top of my waterbed frame/drawers. 

Hung my dust collector up, started running pipe, built some blast gates.

The problems as I see them are many: table saw is too close to the walls, limits my length of cut. Miter saw is too close to the wall, limits my cut. 

Bench is too large and too short. I wind up covering half of the surface with stuff I should put away. The vise is too low for most work, yet it works for when I sit down. The bench is an unusual shape, if I recall, it's 7' long, yet 4'wide on one end and 2' wide on the other.

basement has another challenge to it: there's a low hanging cold air return duct running lengthwise down the east end, about 4-5' out from the wall. I hit my head on it a lot...which is why I almost always wear a hat in there....

I need to build a base/table or figure out where to put my sanders. Need to figure out where to put my band saws and get the one working. (free is great, but comes as a cost. LOL) Need to figure out how to connect the planer to the dust collection. 

Thinking about building a dedicated electronics/woodburning/leatherwork/ sit down bench. and could add sewing to that too. 

It's overwhelming, so I've got to break it down somehow....
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